Posted: 9/24/2006 7:22:14 AM

From: Saginaw, MI

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Hiya! Maybe it's just me but I've been playing some Roy Orbison tunes lately and they really seem to be particularly well suited to the theremin. I think it's because he sort of sang like one.

He could hit an amazing range of notes and wrote songs to show that off. He also really knew how to vary the volume for maximum emotional punch and, well, the vibrato in his voice sounds a lot like the vibrato technique I use on the theremin.

Add all this to the way he liked to build up to a crowd-impressing climax on a really high note at the end of a song and you've got prime material to work with.

The qualities of his voice that he wrote songs to showcase just happen to be the things a theremin does well. Anyone else noticed this or am I just weird?

Some Orbison favorites of mine for playing:

Leah, Only the lonely, It's over, Mystery girl, In dreams, Falling, Running scared, Blue angel.
Posted: 9/24/2006 12:47:22 PM

From: new haven ct.

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i never really thought about it before, but I think your on to something. After your postI tried those tunes and they almost play themselves


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