Operatic Collaboration?

Posted: 11/1/2010 4:38:27 PM

From: Richmond Hill, Georgia

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I have been approached via Facebook by a local operatic soprano, Rebecca Flaherty. Mrs. Flaherty heard about me via the grapevine and wants to collaborate in late spring 2011. In my preliminary communications, I voiced concerns that a duo performance (with a piano accompaniment), would be problematic because the theremin can sound very much like the human voice. She thinks a public performance would be a fun thing to do. Mrs. Flaherty is apparently very accomplished and is currently working on her Music Masters at a local university. She has also studied / performed abroad in Italia. So, the young lady is not naïve when it comes to matters musical. My questions are simple and few in number:

-How do we make this work?
-Any suggestions for repertoire from the classical/operatic worlds?

I haven’t performed in public for awhile, and I would welcome another opportunity. However, I don't want this to be a sideshow but a serious artistic effort.

Mrs. Flaherty's webpage is at

Rebecca P. Flaherty. (http://www.rpflaherty.com)


Philip Neidlinger
Posted: 11/2/2010 8:25:50 AM
Brian R

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Maybe the Flower Duet from Delibes's [i]Lakmé[/i]?
And/or the "Laudamus te" from the Vivaldi [i]Gloria[/i].
Posted: 11/2/2010 9:34:27 AM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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An observation, if I may...

It is clear (to me) that this is Mrs. Flaherty's idea and she should be given the lead in this project. That is unless she specifically asked you to take over the project.

I imagine she has something in mind, and you need to find out just what that is. Perhaps, she doesn't have a comprehensive plan and much will need to be worked out as you go along.

Naturally, you'd want to be in the position of offering constructive suggestions. However, at this point, I'd concentrate on honing my own skills and waiting to see what will transpire.
Posted: 11/3/2010 12:51:29 AM

From: Richmond Hill, Georgia

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Found my profile on Myspace and contacted me about a possible collaboration. Right now we are in the very early planning stages (not entirely sure it will even happen yet), and then no earlier than may.

Primarily, I think everyone involved wants to have fun!


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