How intimate...

Posted: 1/7/2011 10:05:49 AM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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I am having so much fun with my Theremin. I am looking forward to my daily practice. I bring with me some of my own material to play along with. THe reason why I wanted a theremin in the first place was to add its voice to the music that I do - learning my vocal articulation through the theremin is a very fun and profound reflection of how I actually sing. Last night, I felt this very intimate relationship between the instrument, my hands and the rendition of the Theremin from my movements. It's fascinating!

I found myself several times with my eyes closed playing along with the background track not paying too much attention to all the false notes I was making... But I felt relaxed, and my hands were relaxed and I felt really good and in unisson with my Moogie.

I really learned last night that playing the Theremin is more than accuracy. It's about Trust. Trust of your potential. If you trust your musicality and kind intention to make music with your heart ( translated through your hands ), the Theremin in return will grant you with the most beautiful sound ever possible...

I think I am in love...............
Posted: 1/7/2011 10:55:57 AM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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How wonderful! That sounds like a great feeling to have in little more than a weeks time.

It sounds like you've persoanally experienced the potential of the theremin. Hearing what others can do is one thing - doing it youself is another.

Trust is one way to look at it. Clara Rockmore said you must be "brave" to play the theremin. Give it your best effort and do not fear missing the mark. It will only get better as time goes on.

With time and patience you will no doubt accomplish astonishing things. We look forward to eventually hearing what you've done.


BTW...Where, in the USA, can one acquired one or more of your CD's? I'd really rather not have to order from Bulgeria. Thanks
Posted: 1/7/2011 11:15:09 AM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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Hey Jeff -

I always enjoy your posts and replies :) You are correct - I realized last night the beautiful complexities of the instrument... I am so taken by it - I hope to be able to explore and discover more of myself as I strengthen the bond of expression with my Theremin. I am happy to have embarked this journey :)

As far as my music - it is available on itunes, and other download shops. Are you looking for mp3s or a physical CD? If the latter, CDBaby is the best way to get that.

I have 3 releases as of date:

2006 - Ethereal
2008 - Shimmer
2009 - Remembering Christmas
5-2011 - Deliverance

The pieces on my soundcloud page are going to be included on Deliverance, so not yet available for sale.

The good thing about CDBaby, you can preview the songs for 30 secs or so :)

If there is a piece on my soundcloud page you are particularly interested in, i'd be glad to email it to you :)

Have a great day, Jeff.
Posted: 1/7/2011 11:27:41 AM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

Joined: 2/14/2005

Thank you. CD Baby was the first place I tried, but I used your full name and nothing came up. I used only your first name this time and now I can find them.

I am an old-school kind of guy, and I still prefer having a tangible, hard copy for my music collection. From what I've heard on Soundcloud I trust you, and I am confident I will enjoy anything you've done.
Posted: 1/7/2011 11:35:52 AM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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Jeff - THank you for te lovely words... :)
I think CDbaby received the last orders and they should be restocked. I don't really sell a whole lot of CDs, but strangely, 2 weeks ago they were out of stocks for all my releases... So we sent more in :)

If you do get a copy, I'd be appreciative if you leave a comment on the CDBaby page :)

THank you again :)

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