Clara's Theremin Visits Seattle?

Posted: 4/21/2006 4:05:40 PM

From: Kingston, NY

Joined: 2/13/2005

Found this photo of
"Jean Michel Jarre plays this weird instrument called "Theremin"."

There appears to be a vintage theremin in a Plexiglas encasement in some sort of technical museum or display somewhere in Seattle. Anyone recognize this one?
Posted: 4/22/2006 1:45:28 AM
Jon B

From: Somerville, MA

Joined: 8/11/2005

That's not Jean Michel Jarre, and that's definitely not Clara's instrument. The photo taker is simply saying that JMJ plays *a* theremin. Based on other photos in that set, Ima gonna guess that the exhibit is at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (

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