theremin on The Tonight Show

Posted: 3/12/2007 5:18:44 PM

From: Kansas City MO USA

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Co worker came in to day claiming there were never before seen videos of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on TV last night with someone with a Theremin. That’s all the info I have.
Posted: 3/12/2007 5:50:57 PM

From: Brooklyn, New York

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Looks like it can be found on the DVD of the Johnny Carson Show (not the Tonight Show):

Feb. 16, 1955: Dr. Samuel Hoffman, who composed the score for Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound, demonstrates the Theremin and singer Dorothy Shay stars in a comic version of her life story.
Posted: 3/12/2007 6:58:18 PM
Jon B

From: Somerville, MA

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Here's a link ( to this newly released set via Amazon.
Posted: 3/13/2007 9:07:22 AM

From: Jax, FL

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Johnny was funny but I am not sure if I would want to buy the whole set just to see Dr. Hoffman play.

There is probably a lot of other good stuff on the collection, though, which would make it worth every penny.

Posted: 3/13/2007 9:11:33 AM

From: Kingston, NY

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I remember seeing that clip some where along with a clip of Dr. Hoffman playing on the Mousekateers show. He worked it you have to admit! fyi he only performed on Spellbound it was actually composed by Miklos Rosza who won the oscar I think for it.

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