Grace of My Heart

Posted: 2/21/2008 4:37:51 AM

From: Los Angeles

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I recently found a VHS tape of the 1996 film "Grace of My Heart," the fictional story about singer-songwriter Denise Waverly, loosely based on the career of singer-songwriter Carole King.

I saw the film when it was released theatrically but had forgotten most of the story, so watching it again the other night was almost like seeing it for the first time.

I was reminded that it includes nods to many characters from "real world" music including Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Indeed, there's a scene where "Jay," the lead singer of a surf band (played by Matt Dillon) is doing a recording session of a "mind-blowing new song," that includes, among a sea of orchestral instruments, a theremin. The thereminist is portrayed by real-life thereminist Robert Brunner.

What I am wondering is, is that the same Robert (Bob) Brunner who appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club show with Dr. Samuel Hoffman in the 1950s? And is he still actively playing the theremin? A google search yielded a lot of links to "Grace of My Heart" and a band called The Pixies, but that's about it. There doesn't appear to be anything about him here or at

"Inquiring Minds Want to Know"

P.S.: It's not a half-bad film.

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