Using volume pedal and intonation processor

Posted: 1/21/2007 4:43:37 AM

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Hi, I'm Ben
I bought a Big Briar Theremin for my wife several years ago but she never learned to play it. I also have an Alesis air synth and I just got some kind of "Theremin like midi controller" off Ebay.
I've become more interested in the theremin again because I'm currently trying to get a modern fusion style band together and I think i t would be useful at least for effects. The problem is my wife has a bad case of muscular dystrophy which makes it impossible for her to play accurately so I've been experimenting with an intonation processor which works very well. You just set the scale and everything will be in tune and with different settings you can still get the glissando effect. I've also been messing with stomp boxes. Chorus is real nice. Any way does anybody here use a volume pedal instead of the volume antennae? If so do you have a recommendation. I've been looking at one that has a separate tuner out jack which would be helpful, the problem with it is that it says it is calibrated for "passive" instruments. Would this present a problem when used with theremin?
Also, does anybody know of a large face tuner that displays the actual note that is being played? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I would really like to get my wife involved in my music making activities. Thanks in advance.
By the way I just returned from the IAJE conference in NYC. Had a great time. Next years meeting is in Toronto. If there are any jazz groups that feature theremin let me know and maybe I can help you get a gig there next year.
Benjamin Voiles

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