Which one? I'm just picking between these two:

Posted: 3/2/2007 3:51:37 PM

From: Pierre, SD / St. Paul, MN

Joined: 3/2/2007

I've read some on here and it looks like the "best" two relatively low priced theremins are the Moog Etherwave standard, and the Kees. Well, I'm in the US, which oddly seems to be in a minority, and here's the price SHIPPED for each.

Moog - $380 from ebay, zzounds, etc. (anyplace cheaper?)
Kees - Zone 4 = $244.14 USD Zone 5 = $249.64 USD (if he's still selling them)

So, $100 difference basically. I am going to be using it for just me, possibly one part in a band, but that's just a dream really.

I play bass and have played guitar, piano, euphonium(baritone), and I sing. So, I want it so I can make music, not just effects. BUT, I don't really care that much, it's just another fun instrument to create music with. Thanks!

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