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Posted: 7/13/2007 1:02:20 PM

From: London, UK

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I've just recently bought a Moog Etherwave theremin kit and eagerly but carefully followed the instructions to assemble it. However, when I turn it on a high single note is heard which doesn't change with location or any movement around the pitch antenna (although touching the antenna does create very small changes). The volume antenna can be used to vary the volume of this single note, although the note can be heard if no-one is standing near the device and silenced only when a hand is placed inside the antenna loop. Adjusting the pitch control varies the pitch of the note along a range but as the note appears to be created without anything being near the antenna I cannot find a 'zero point'.
If anyone has any suggestions as to what my problem could be and/or solutions I would be most grateful.
Thank you.
Posted: 7/13/2007 4:51:25 PM

From: Kansas City MO USA

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i took my case off to find anything that might be simple but came up with nothing.

if the pitch changes when you touch the antenna then the solid wire from the circuit board is connected.
(the solid wire isn't touching the piece of stick on foil directly underneath it is it?) is that stick on foil even there?

make sure the wires are in the correct order on the pot. black-blue-green.

anything after that I say to call moog.

did you look in the manual or the hot-rodding book for this problem?

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