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I just found this forum and have a few questions. I want to build one from scratch. I have worked on electronics for almost 30 years and have the skills to build one hopefully. I want a really nice circuit that has good characteristics. It can have ICs but doesn't have to have a amp. I can put it up to a amp. I would like no more than 5-10 ICs preferably. I would like it to have fairly easy to get electronic ICs and such,maybe Radio Shack or MCM parts. I wanted to build one years ago and I even have the original circuit info for the one I think RCA made in the 20s somewhere in my repair manuals. I may make it solid state but maybe put it in a cabinet like that one. Does anyone have a link?
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Good Luck!

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Here's the one I decided upon:

This site offers a good selection of schematics:

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As we've discussed in the other thread, those inductors are quite hard to find.

I actually didn't see one of your later posts on the thread about Toko Inductors...sorry. I did reply, but quite a while after you posted it, and I'm not sure if you got a chance to see my response. I've continued that thread in the thread "Continuation of 'TOKO Inductors Needed for EM Theremin'". Take a look there if you find any of the information useful.

Those inductors we talked about pose minor problems, especially the adjustable ones. However, you can purchase the RF Chokes through Newark, so that's worth checking out if you're having trouble finding them. I think I've listed the adjustable inductors I'm using in that new thread.

Sorry about the belated replies and good luck!

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