The Optermen – Simple Radio Shack Space Control Project for the Holidays.

Posted: 11/9/2011 4:48:14 PM
RS Theremin

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The Utamin Introduces Kids to Space Control, Hum...

When I look back to where my theremin ideas began and crawling through thousands of hours to get to where I am at now, would I do it again? No I would save the time and money and go on a vacation in Europe. (Just kidding, it is about the journey!)

The thing that haunts me now about my theremin is everyday her voice changes. It is not bad just not consistent, does your theremin have multiple personalities? I document temperature and humidity in my room while experimenting but something else is going on. Maybe the pressure in the earth is building, it acts as an earthquake sensor, or maybe asteroid issues from sitting in my chair all day?

Here is an electronic project for the high school student over the holidays to annoy your parents.

Optical Theremin (


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