ondes martinot

Posted: 10/12/2006 4:59:59 AM

From: Australia

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Hello to one and all.
I have recently learned of a musical instrument called the Ondes Martinot. I am intrigued by its description and would like to know how to find such a rare instrument or a recording of one.

Posted: 10/12/2006 8:01:15 PM

From: Australia

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Have a look at Peter Pringle's website.
Posted: 10/13/2006 7:14:16 AM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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Yes, do check out Peter Pringles webpage. Here's a link.

Also see the website of Ondiste and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch.

There is also an excellent French website about the Ondes Martinot. There are several short video clips demonstrating the Ondes.

Peter Pringle (http://www.peterpringle.com/ondes.html)

Thomas Bloch (http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://www.chez.com/thomasbloch/&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3D%252B%2522thomas%2Bbloch%2522%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG)

Ondes Martinot (http://www.cmusge.ch/recherche/zea/martenot.html)
Posted: 10/13/2006 9:51:32 PM

From: Australia

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Wow! That French website is fantastic. What a wonderful instrument.
Posted: 10/14/2006 6:19:23 PM

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The Ondes Martenot is a very interesting instrument. I did a complete restoration on a Model 6 tube instrument last year. If you have any questions on the instrument I might be able to answer them. Thomas Bloch has recordings of the instrument and he is very good. Ebay often has his latest for reasonable prices. The instruments are quite rare and are pricey.


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