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Posted: 1/2/2007 4:19:59 AM

From: Bristol, United Kingdom

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So... what kind of musicians do you like in your area? Post links!

The music scene in Bristol seems to thrive on independence, the DIY aspect of it being the most vibrant and impressive thing... there's no real divisiveness based on genre, just mostly a bunch of people wanting to make sounds together. It's great.

My Bristol favourites, an all-myspace extravaganza:

There's probably more but those guys are all ace. Who're your local favourites?
Posted: 1/2/2007 9:25:38 AM

From: Jax, FL

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Tropic of Cancer are really good and they use a theremin, although it is just for spacey noise punctuation.

I had the please of playing with them a few times and they are really good.

Little Green Men is an 80's cover band band who have had some succes. They are good if you are into that stuff (whcih I am a bit).

Lissajou makes music using Gameboys. I am not sure if they are circuit-bent or not but the sound is really cool in an 8-bit sort of way.

Telepathik Friend is pure noise and mayhem.

We had a great scene in the mid 90's but we went thorugh a dry spell when the fire marshall stared citing clubs and closing them down left and right. The theory is that someone with some clout had a teenaged daughter who had become of age so he pulled a few strings to have some venues closed. They were all alt-rock places. I guess she must be away at college now or something because the fir marshall has been strangely quiet lately and the clubs have srpung back to life once again.

The list of local acts who have gone national is pretty big. Red Jump Suit Apparatus is one of the most recent. We are finally getting out of the Lynard Sjynard/Molly Hatchet/.38 Special rut we have been in since the 70's.

Classics IV, Limp Bizkit and Inspection 12 hailed from here as as well...
Posted: 1/2/2007 10:42:24 AM

From: new haven ct.

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there are plenty of good musicians in my area, but no work for them. Almost all the clubs are ether blues bars or casino work. So we all have to play in a lot of cover bands to get by. There is only one other theremin player in my area that know of, the rest must be hiding.
If I want to hear something interesting or inspiring, I usually go up to Boston or over to Manhatten

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