comments on the B3?

Posted: 3/4/2007 1:46:24 AM

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I recently picked up a theremin called the B3 from Ebay. I realize now that this may have been a little premature in my research.

Has anyone here had any experience with the B3?

I saw this one from australia not long after that made me question..

I realize the moogs are likely alot better but they cost seemed quite high for a beginner like me..


thank you
Posted: 3/4/2007 5:55:22 PM

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Ok. Here is a video of someone playing what I believe is a B3:

I know really nothing else about it. The only opinion I'd like to venture is that the case looks like it's too small, so your left hand controlling the volume antenna is probably so close to the pitch antenna that it probably interferes with your pitch playing. This instrument is not alone in this regard: the Jaycar instruments also come with tiny cases, which I believe are also too small.
Posted: 3/15/2007 7:10:05 PM

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yep that's the B3! I just got it today and had some fun for my first time ever with a theremin.

It's definately more fun to accompany other music.

I'm not sure if I like the B3. It feels kind of dinky I guess.

I guess time will tell.. Would love to hear what other B3 owners think!


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