Theremin at the Museum

Posted: 3/26/2007 8:59:50 AM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

I mentioned in another thread about the first theremin I ever played at the Jacksonvillle Museum of Science and History.

The last time I was there the theremin wasn;t so I emaled them and got this back:

Dear Dog,

That theremin was one of the old science pods (which was our "featured exhibit" for a really, really long time). They have almost all been dismantled but I'm pretty sure the theremin (its "important" parts) was boxed away by the maintenance guys for possible future use. There are no plans to put any of the refurbished science pods out. Still, I'll pass your interest along... you never know.


Some Guy Who Works at the Museum.

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