theremin emulation discussion on csound mailing list

Posted: 1/17/2008 4:41:21 AM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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See this blog here...

The csound mailing list are talking about making a theremin emulator. I am sure they would benefit from some input from theremin players and builders.

I have posted a comment on the blog - as it has not appeared yet (I guess it is awaiting approval) this is what I wrote...



The waveforms above are for an older model etherwave.

The current revision has waveforms like this...[/i]

[i]It is worth noting that theremin waveforms vary with pitch and volume - these were taken with a mid-range pitch and volume.

Also, if you look at the block diagram of the etherwave Pro (recently discontinued, but a theremin with an excellent set of timbres) you will see it generates pitch and volume CVs to control the circuitry that modifies the waveform.[/i]

[i]Finally, most emulations fall down by giving the sound an unvarying vibrato. Note that theremin vibrato is generated by hand, so it is irregular and variable.

I hope this helps with your discussion. A good theremin emulator is something worth working for. I have mentioned your blog on the thereminworld forum and levnet mailing list in the hope it will attract someone with actual expertise in theremin waveforms. :-)[/i]


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