Microphone Stand for Mounting a Theremin

Posted: 2/18/2008 10:51:45 PM

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I've seen many microphone stands at online stores like amazon, but I don't know which one will give me the proper stability and height adjustment to use with my theremin. I'd like to have a tripod stand, and I'll put a mounting flange on the bottom of my theremin. I've looked through flanges as well, but I don't know how to tell which flange will fit with which stand.

Here are some products I've looked at:





Will I want a male or female mounting flange? I assume it depends on which type of stand I get, so could anyone suggest a good combo that will work well?

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most mounting flanges are female, and most mike stands are male. All standard mike stands are the same size. As long as the tri-pod stand is a mike stand, it's all standard.
Hope that helps
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Thanks Andy- I saw some flanges that had threads, and others that just had what looked to be an octagonal female socket (like the atlas one). Are mic stands usually threaded?
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Jeff S

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The standard mike stand thread (in the USA anyway) is 5/8"-27.

The mike stand is a male thread and the microphone mount (flange or otherwise) is a female thread.

The flange you need is Atlas part number AD-11B (chrome) or AD-11BE (black).

The photograph on the Amazon website showing a hex (slip fitting) is incorrect. The description describes the piece as a 5/8"-27 female thread.

The male mounting flanges are for mounting a microphone to a table top or lectern, taking the place of a mike stand.

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