Did someone already ask MOOG for another run of Ethervoxes?

Posted: 4/6/2008 12:31:57 PM

From: Germany, near Munich

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Hi again,

recently I have a lot of reasons to think about the MOOG Ethervox.

Regardless where you look and listen, everyone who has seen or even 'not touched' one says that this is the most advanced instrument ever available - not only technically, but also from the provision of artistic expression possibilities.

Also I met people who said that they were interested to buy an Ethervox if one would come their way.

So I come to wonder how many of those are really out there - looking for an Ethervox? Did someone already ask MOOG if they would be willing to produce another - lets say 20 to 30 - Ethervoxes?

I understand that it makes no sense for MOOG to produce Ethervoxes and hope someone will buy them. But perhaps, if a group of 10-15 people would join together and make a pre-order, even with an advance-payment, perhaps that might convince them to do [i]'something good'[/i] for the theremin-community and provide some more of those great instruments. MOOG being a relatively small company could be an advantage in this case. Also the Etherfest could be something that helps pushing this idea.

[b]So, two things are on my list now, and you could help me, please:

- find out if there would be enough people willing to join in for a pre-order
- find out if there are reasons on MOOGs part not to build another small run of Ethervoxes

Do you have any comments, contributions, hints or tips on this?[/b]

Posted: 4/6/2008 12:57:11 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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From what I understand, it's very expensive for them to set up a run of Ethervoxes. Many of the parts were custom built for Moog, including the cabinets, coils, the internal computer, etc. That said, I do recall Bob Moog saying if they sold 20, he'd consider the project a success. I think they ended up selling slightly over 40 in all, so maybe a pre-order of 20 would be convincing to them afterall.

Posted: 4/6/2008 4:53:34 PM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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Even if Moog Music would ever consider it, a new Ethervox would cost far more than the vast majority of people could afford to pay.

One reason is that the Ethervox contains too many expensive components than what is required for it to function as a dedicated, high quality theremin. In addition, the quality cabinetry also adds considerably to the cost.

Consider this....How many of the people who do own an Ethervox are accomplished thereminists (not that it's a requisite), and how many actually USE the MIDI features of the instrument? Personally, I know of only one, and he is no longer doing so.

The Etherwave Pro, which too many people have lamented was too expensive, also has CV connections, which were likely included to interface with the other (expensive) Moog products. How many people have been commonly known to use these? I don’t know of any.

My opinion is that Moog Music would not reproduce the Ethervox no matter how many of us begged them to or how much money we waved under their noses. I don’t know why they should, and I’ll explain why.

It has been rumored that Moog Music was planning on developing another quality theremin to supersede the Etherwave Pro, although this rumor is entirely unsubstantiated. I don’t think we can believe it until we see it.

My hope is that they will. They already have a great theremin in the standard Etherwave to cater to the budget-minded crowd (even though some still whine that it is too expensive).

I would be more than happy if Moog Music produced a single-purpose theremin with the legendary sound quality and playability of the Ethervox and the voice selection of the Etherwave Pro. They could even offer it in two versions….with a basic cabinet and an option for an “instrument grade” cabinet.

If they would offer something like this in the price range (more or less) of the Etherwave Pro, I would snag one in a heartbeat. I think many others would as well.
Posted: 4/6/2008 6:26:20 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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Jeff S wrote: [i]The Etherwave Pro, which too many people have lamented was too expensive, also has CV connections, which were likely included to interface with the other (expensive) Moog products.[/i]

Not quite, if you check the block diagram on P17 of the Epro manual (http://www.moogmusic.com/manuals/EwavePro-web.pdf) (pdf file) you'll see that the pitch and volume CVs are used internally, to control aspects of the waveform and brightness module, and the low pass filter.

They provided CV-outs because the CVs were already there as an integral part of the ePro's design and it doesn't cost a lot to add a couple of sockets.

Still, I'm sure they hoped that people would buy more gear from them as a result, but perhaps they hoped rather half-heartedly, as they did not make any particular effort to demonstrate the benefits of doing so. As I have mentioned elsewhere, recently, my hope is that they will provide a CV-outs module to extend the functionality of the etherwave rather than another overpriced instrument in a pretty box.

(By the way, is anyone compiling a list of questions to ask at ethermusic?)
Posted: 4/6/2008 6:52:48 PM

From: Germany, near Munich

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[i](By the way, is anyone compiling a list of questions to ask at ethermusic?)[/i]

...Gordon, it is always the guy who asks first ;o)
Posted: 4/6/2008 10:07:50 PM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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Gordon - The Moog Etherwave Pro manual on page 15 clearly explains the purpose and use of the CV outputs. This unequivocally confirms my statement.
Posted: 4/8/2008 1:25:33 AM

From: Eastleigh, Hampshire, U.K. ................................... Fred Mundell. ................................... Electronics Engineer. (Primarily Analogue) .. CV Synths 1974-1980 .. Theremin developer 2007 to present .. soon to be Developing / Trading as WaveCrafter.com . ...................................

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Jeff + Gordon..

I think you are both right .. The Epro DOES need to generate internal CV's for its internal circuitry, so there is not TOO much work involved in taking these CV's to the outside world... BUT, there IS more to it than just adding sockets.. Internal CV's need not be exactly 1V/octave, and it is quite easy and less expensive to have an internal CV scheme which is suited to the internals... Forming an accurate 1V/Octave output is a deliberate and quite significant addition.
Posted: 4/8/2008 7:15:57 AM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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The point I was trying to make (and everyone seems to be missing) is that the CV outputs on the Etherwave Pro are not a bad idea, but how many people actually use them?

They are a "value added" item installed for ten or twenty dollars in parts and labor, but probably add at least one hundred dollars to the sale price.

They are there mainly to encourage people to purchase more Moog products. Not a bad idea either....if you could afford it, but most people can't.
Posted: 4/8/2008 9:04:54 AM

From: Kansas City, Mo.

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I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to try out an Ethervox. I'm sure that it is incrementally better than the Epro however I'd have to decide if I'd be willing to pay a premium for the increased performance.

The CV outs are standard voltages and will work with a wide variety of synthesizers. Thus, the Epro will work with any 1 volt-per-octave synth. (Not limited to Moog synthesizers).

[i]-- Kevin[/i]
Posted: 4/9/2008 12:05:20 AM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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Well, as some of you probably already know, some person (who apparently will remain anonymous) claims to confirm the rumor that Moog Music is planning another high quality theremin some time in the future.

We'll have to wait and see, but this is what he/she wrote:

"It may take a while due to other products already in the pipeline and a small staff of engineers, but it is absolutely the case that Moog plans to introduce another "concert grade" theremin worthy of Dr. Moog's approval to the product line, in the fullness of time. So, don't worry, and please have patience."

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