Space Echo RE-20 reissue...

Posted: 3/13/2009 7:52:21 PM

From: Asheville, NC

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I recently purchased a Boss RE-20 (digital reissue of the Roland RE-201, tape echo/spring reverb) and thought I might throw my quick 2 cents in, from a theremin point of view, if anyone has ever wondered about this pedal.

My first impression was, "I need two more of these!" (for my organ and synths). After using it for around a week, I still feel the same.

I'm sure a real (reel;) tape echo would be much better side by side, but I have yet to see an Echoplex for less then $500 and a Space Echo for much less then $1000, so for $250 I find it amazing.

I've never used an RE-201 (the guitarist in my old band had an Echoplex, so I have had a taste of tape echo) but I'm going to guess the most noticable difference between it and the digital RE-20 might be when you turn the intensity (amount of echos) up to the point of looping/oscillation the RE-20 is kind of shrill, I would imagine a tape would be "warmer". As much as I'd like, though, I just don't have the budget for analog.

Keep in mind, the echo sound is very "Forbidden Planet" and you can easily cross into science fiction/experimental music territory but if you keep everything in check it adds a very cool atmosphere. It's got both worlds, crazy-corny experimental and classy spring reverb/tape echo, in a box as big as a medium sized paperback book you can set directly on top of your speaker cabinet with out disturbing your springs or magneticly messing with your tape.

Posted: 3/13/2009 8:27:56 PM

From: Toledo, Ohio United States of America

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I owned two to the tape RE-20's and sold them to the 1980's! ARRRGH!
But, missing them, I looked around and heard around and found that Akai makes a great pedal similar to the Roland, and sounds as good as the old tape RE-20's I used to have.
In fact, it has the ability to multi-tap echo occurances during a four head delay/echo --- 5.2 seconds! One can set the tape head gap and choose feedback, high freq. decay time, and volume. Plus, it will give modern digital delay/echo of 35 seconds and in the Looping mode will record 35 seconds of loop.
It is called the Akai HeadRush E2. A great echo or delay, old school tape or modern digital, and looper--- I am going to buy another.
Good Luck!

P.S.--- Sometimes this pedal is available for $199.00 and comes with its own wall wart.
Posted: 3/13/2009 8:39:12 PM

From: Asheville, NC

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Well I'll be. I didn't even know Akai made effects!

It does look to be more in depth and very cool, but I was looking for the limitations of something more straightfoward (and spring reverb). If I'm given to many choices, I never sit down and just play ;)
Posted: 3/16/2009 1:18:57 PM

From: Escondido, CA

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Check out Musician's Friend's, Guitar Center's and American Musical Supply's websites. Any or all of them have tons of pedals and effects units to learn about.

It looks like Akai has branched out from its tape recorder roots to build digital recording stations and effects units in recent times. I would imagine you can easily find a link to Akai to see what all they build now.


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