Inherited a never-used Etherwave, but I can't get it to sound right, sound file included.

Posted: 7/22/2011 1:07:47 PM
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Here's how my theremin sounds:

Long story short, I inherited an Etherwave theremin. It's clearly quite old - legend has it that Dr. Moog gave it to the lady who gave it to me, but that's not relevant. It's in extremely good cosmetic condition and I'm reasonably sure it's never been used. I opened it once to make sure everything was there.

The issue is that I can't get any good sound out of it at all. It basically won't do anything but screech. I've tried a guitar amp, and got nothing more than a screeching tone. I decided to try the line in on my computer - same thing. The volume loop works just fine, and if I actually *touch* the antenna, it changes tone slightly. In the audio file, the silence is when I stick my hand into the volume loop, and the last three slight changes of tone are my grabbing of the antenna.

Is there something wrong with my theremin? I'd prefer to use my computer as my amplifier, how should I fix this?
Posted: 7/22/2011 2:43:22 PM

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Your Etherwave theremin is not well! Since you have no experience with electronics, my suggestion is to ship it back to Moog Music for professional repair. You might also check out the FAQ's on the Moog Music website
Posted: 7/22/2011 3:13:16 PM
i have a cat

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I'm actually quite handy with a soldering iron, and I definitely know my way around analog electronics. What next?
Posted: 7/23/2011 12:45:00 AM

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Sounds like you need a tune up. Find the "Hot Rodding your Etherwave" from moog, it has the procedure for tuning correctly.
Posted: 7/24/2011 2:38:36 PM
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I tried the tuneup - trouble is, the pitch antenna has no range at all. It won't change pitch until I touch it. Any ideas?

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