Stolen Etherwave Standard

Posted: 11/11/2011 10:04:27 AM

From: Herrick Center, Pa.

Joined: 8/10/2006

I can't remember the last time I posted, but it's been a while, to say the least.

I wanted to alert everyone that on 11/3 an Etherwave Standard was stolen from a friend of mine in Havertown, Pa. The serial number is 10672. One identifying feature it has is that I put white vinyl tape on the antennas to keep the nuts near the ends - for quicker attachment. And it keeps the nut from falling off the pitch antenna!

Thanks everyone!

Posted: 11/11/2011 10:28:44 AM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

Joined: 10/5/2005

If I recall correctly, it was the 28th of October 2006.

Sorry I can't be as much help with finding your stolen etherwave. I hope that gets sorted out for you.
Posted: 11/11/2011 10:45:22 AM

From: Herrick Center, Pa.

Joined: 8/10/2006

Thanks Gordon!

I do hope it turns up. I bought it new in 2006. I have friends who use one in church ministry concerts. Theirs broke several years ago so I gave them mine and they gave me the broken one in exchange. That's why I know the details about the stolen one - it used to be mine.

I repaired their old one (a big briar model) and still have it here - keeping it in reserve as a spare for them. So if the stolen one is not recovered I can replace it. But it will mess up my plans to always have a spare ready. :)
Posted: 11/12/2011 5:16:01 AM

From: Colmar, France

Joined: 12/31/2007

Just pinned this serial no on the wall above my workbench. Although it seems rather improbable to me that someone sends a stolen theremin in for repair, I'll keep an eye open.
Posted: 11/12/2011 8:18:37 AM

From: Herrick Center, Pa.

Joined: 8/10/2006

Thank you Thierry!

Posted: 11/25/2011 5:04:34 PM

From: Herrick Center, Pa.

Joined: 8/10/2006

Today I received word that the stolen theremin has been recovered. I don't know details yet but wanted to let everyone that all is well and thank you for keeping an eye out for it.
Posted: 11/25/2011 10:32:23 PM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

Joined: 2/14/2005

That's good news.

My guess is the thief tried playing the stolen theremin, and his neighbors called the police! :-)
Posted: 11/26/2011 8:44:01 AM

From: Herrick Center, Pa.

Joined: 8/10/2006

LOL! Reminds me of an accordion joke I shall adapt to theremin...

A man parks his car in a rough part of town with a theremin on the back seat, forgetting to lock the back door.
When he returns, there are three theremins.
Posted: 11/27/2011 3:34:10 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

Joined: 2/13/2005

Congratulations! I hope you get it back all in once piece! Let us know what happened and how they recovered it.
Posted: 11/30/2011 5:20:54 AM

From: Herrick Center, Pa.

Joined: 8/10/2006

The theremin was in an enclosed trailer which contained several other instruments, amplifiers, etc. 

When I heard of the theft, I called Bevan Greiner, the owner, and offered my etherwave - he plays extremely well and they use it regularly in their concerts. He advised me he'd like to wait a bit to see if his could be recovered. 

The police had taken the report and were helpful, but they explained they had a lot of pressing matters and this was not a top priority. So bevan and I collaborated on using the internet to try to find everything. We set up bookmarked searches on craigslist and eBay - searches covering the various items stolen.

A few days later Bevan called me and he was pretty excited. He found an ad on craigslist and this was what it said...

"i baught a trailer a few months ago but i was stupid and didnt know trailers needed titles or needed too be registerd and now i dont feel like dealing with filing for a lost title id rather just get rid of it and not deal with is fully enclosed and 8.5 foot long by 5 wide.if intrested email back for pics.$500 is m y asking price no i dont have a title but im not selling it for a penny less then $ are fully aware of what my issue is with it so if youre not willing to pay what im asking for a $2300 trailer then dont email me.even paying for the lost title you will still be saving over a grand if you where too buy it from anyone else "

He reported it to the police and sure enough, it was his trailer. That afternoon they also recovered the amps. The thieves realized it was to their benefit to cooperate, so they gave as many details as they could to where and to whom they sold to. It took a few days more and the police had the theremin.

Now what is not clear to me is whether the theremin was recovered due to information from the thieves or if someone saw the info on here the recovery was due to that.

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