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Posted: 6/21/2006 8:12:35 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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We'll be starting the theremin song contests up again very soon. Until we get the new website online, this forum will be the place to discuss the contests, suggest songs, comment on entries, etc.

When submitting song ideas, please remember that they must be in the public domain (e.g. see http://www.pdinfo.com. Don't just stick to traditional theremin titles... remember, we want to help you stretch your skills and try new music you might not have otherwise tried on the theremin.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next contest announcement!
Posted: 6/21/2006 9:02:37 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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Would it be possible to have an occasional "original composition to a given theme" competition as well as "play a given tune", please.

Posted: 6/21/2006 10:05:53 PM

From: Kingston, NY

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Posted: 6/24/2006 11:10:10 AM

From: bristol, England

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the legend is back!
Posted: 6/27/2006 7:15:31 AM

From: Little Falls NY

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I can't wait!
Posted: 7/13/2006 2:36:40 PM

From: Kingston, NY

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Very few entries?
Damn shoulda recorded something when I had the chance last month. I might actually have stood a chance.
Posted: 12/29/2006 11:31:09 PM

From: North O.C., California

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How about a television show or movie themes contest? Like Simpson’s theme, Darth Vader theme, M*A*S*H* (I HATE that theme with a passion by the way, but I think it would be good play), etc? It would be fun but I don't know if they would abide by those guidelines mentioned above.
Posted: 12/30/2006 2:42:06 PM

From: Undisclosed location without Dick Cheney

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Basically, whatever music is chosen has to have been written no later than 1922. That eliminates all of television themes and most of movies, certainly anything we'd recognize.
Posted: 12/30/2006 3:08:03 PM
Charlie D

From: England

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Gordon's suggestion is excellent! Why don't we have themed competitions - with very open-ended subjects which could either be used as a springboard for original composition, or the playing of copyright free other material which fits the brief?
Posted: 1/20/2007 8:59:16 AM

From: Australia

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Is it all up and running again? What is this months or next months song?


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