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My name is fagan wilcox. It's not hard to track people down on the internet and I see he frequents this place ALL the time. It shows when he was last online for example. 


I'm just an average guy that got scammed by this guy and I see him here in the buy/sell pages posting about gear and buying stuff. If I lost a lot of money getting scammed by this guy - the least I can do is warn others ya know..

Posted: 12/18/2012 3:12:33 AM
RS Theremin

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Well he did wear a mask!

You need to report the scam to law enforcement agencies that can shut the fraudulent behavior down. Look on the web for California Internet Fraud Agencies. Report it to PayPal.

How much are you talking about?

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Thanks to my brief internet stalking I now have my money back. Please proceed as you were. Thanks you.

Posted: 12/19/2012 2:48:50 AM

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Its true Wilcox is correct. I did not send him/her a pedal he/she paid for. I attempted to have it done while I was out of town and touch. I apologize and in no way attempted to scam this individual. It was not the internet stalking that got his/her money refunded though.. In fact it was me attempting to pawn off that delivery to an assistant and it did not pan out. Unfortunately good help is hard to find. Who knows... Ole St. Nick might visit him/her pro bono. I'm not known for delivering coal and I strive to keep it that way. I can admit to my shortcomings and I am a legitimate individual to work with. I have references that far exceed this small purchase in question. I have formerly apologized and I accept my fault. This is what happens when you leave duties to those that cannot asses and intervene with appropriate logic. Unfortunately I was out of telecommunicatorial reach for a stretch, but upon coming back to a barrage of e-mails and "internet stalking" I immediately set it straight. This Wilcox ordeal was not the only problem with the help, just the least of them. Hopefully all is well with the Wilcox and there are only good things to come to him/her. If the TW world wants to ostracize me or make me some form of pariah. I can accept that too. For those that believe me to be a striving Thereminist I thank you.

Posted: 12/19/2012 3:06:23 AM
RS Theremin

From: 60 mi. N of San Diego CA

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Hello Nicholas,

I was meditating in the giant redwoods with little bear and he told me you were a good person.

Funny...we have the same haircut! I think he is more gray?

Little bear also makes intense fascinating tube theremins here in California called enigma. (coincidence?) After the Theremin World attorney raked me over the coals I need to find out if little bear a shaman wants me to change my enigma name or if he would like to know what I know? No wait he is a shaman, he already knows.

I may go back to "illusion". Oh shit duck!#$%, is that OK?

My project began with a Vision which I no longer post about but in part it said Lev's Antenna was for everyone but Clara's voice was a gift to me. Today I understand Clara's Voice as an idea more than a sound.

"First have music in your soul, if you have that, you will find a way to do it." Clara Rockmore

How much snow is on the ground everyone? It has never snowed here!

Merry Christmas


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