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Posted: 2/25/2013 4:18:23 PM

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I found that the next resources was never be mentioned on TW. -- the Theremin family page (in Russian). Rare photos, videos and docs, including Lev's accusations against Lidia Kavina and Smirnov's Theremin Center on using his name in PR purpose. (actually, Lidia is not neither a grand daughter, nor grand niece, and IMO, insult was so strong, that Lev's children have not shown the Lidia' branch in family tree.) -- information portal (mainly in Russian) about theremins, thereminists and everything concerned it (like TW), with a slogan "first russian portal about theremin".

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Wow, thanks ILYA!

Some convenient English translations via Google:

In some of the pix you can see inside that "Enron" shaped Theremin - big air coils on both sides (as the external shape suggests)!

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