"The Joy of Theremin, the first experience is an Enigma"

Posted: 3/21/2013 4:08:41 PM

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Hello Fred J

Well, I have read and re-read your reply to my post. I am not sure how to handle these words, but I wanted to say “Thank you”. It just seems a little surreal to me since I feel I am such a “debutante” at this instrument (not quite 2 years yet) and I am still so into “working hard at it” that I am not really seeing perhaps the picture that I project out there the same way as others do. I still see a struggling player, that doesn’t get the delivery quite like I had in mind, not always exactly on pitch like I should be... But then again, I re-watch videos that I have recorded of my over a year ago and though I can see the progress, I still feel that I live in that same moment. It seems to me that holding such bright “title” is really a heavy weight to carry on anyone’s shoulders ~ Not sure I can actually hold up to it. It’s not that I doubt my abilities, but I might never play the kind of things people would “expect” one of great mastery to play on a theremin. I want to follow my path, weather people like it or not, I want to make sure that what I do will flatter the theremin and alleviate its not so stellar reputation. To even think that I might get "close" to Clara is such an unbelievable thought since there is only one! :)


I truly appreciate your kind words. I should frame them so when in doubt (which is almost each day I spend time at the theremin) I could read them and believe that you did tell me so... J

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"It seems to me that holding such bright “title” is really a heavy weight to carry on anyone’s shoulders" - Amey

It shouldnt be - You dont owe anything to anyone.. Just because you have this ability does not mean you are compelled to commit your life to it - I think the man who "mastered" the theremin and then walked away from it was probably wise.. He got the satisfaction of playing it, and told me that he travels the world and learns to play every instrument he can lay his hands on.. Thats enough for him.

But if you choose to make this your "path", and if no major obsticle gets in your way (and, in the end, I believe we are all just following a script) then I believe you will become what I said - I think the major threat to you is your self-doubt.. So I try to let you see yourself the way I see you.. The other threat is too much self confidence - If I noticed this from you, I would probably become more critical! - But, to be honest, doing that would be much more difficult - I cannot find anything to be critical of! (I didnt like the sound from your theremin in the last performance it had a vocal quality which I really didnt like -  - but thats personal taste.. and I blame the theremin , not you! .. A sound half-way between your version and the version of the same piece played by Peter [I never liked this sound much either] would IMO possibly have been better ;-)

The other thing to remember (with no disrespect at all intended to Clara or Lydia or Peter or you) is that being the top "master" on the theremin is not, I think, the same as say being the worlds "top" violinist or master of a popular instrument which thousands of people play well.. You have little competition for the "top slot" compared to most musicians! (and I think the same is true for all theremin related "status" - Being the most regarded theremin technologist is insignificant compared to being the worlds most regarded power engineer, for example - and the financial returns are comparatively even more insignificant ;-)

Whatever you choose, and however life "pans out", in this moment you are creating beautiful music and giving pleasure to a lot of people - That is enough!



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Amey; With the "Gift" you have received, I feel you will not only "Master" the Theremin, you will Continue On, to become a "Legend". (IMHO, you will never be "Like" CR, you Are Amethyste) This you already know, so continue to be "Amey", the rest is being achieved as we speak.

In His Service ---- Dana

PS. I think you read this in a private e-mail somewhere about a year or so ago??(no back-peddling here)

Do I hear a Hammer being raised?? 

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