THEREMIN Game Of Thrones

Posted: 2/20/2014 4:30:42 PM

From: Canada

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For those of you who are fans of the HBO series THE GAME OF THRONES, here is a version of the song "THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE" played on a Celtic harp and sung by yers trooly and Dr. Hoffman's 1929 RCA theremin (with Radiola 106 loudspeaker).


The harp in the video was built by harp maker, Arsalaan Fay, for the late Mildred Dilling. It is a single action harp with a mechanism that allows the player to sharpen all octaves at once (like a pedal harp) rather than only a single note at a time, as with sharping levers.


There are already so many videos of me playing the theremin on YT that I decided to liven things up a bit with short clips from the series, rather than another boring theremin performance. I used the theremin for audio only to accompany some of the lovely pastoral scenes..........war, murder, mayhem, magic, etc. etc.    LOL

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