Idea for Theremin Staccato Pedal - 2

Posted: 4/21/2014 10:11:48 PM

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I cannot add to the

Idea for Theremin Staccato Pedal

thread, and I believe others are also having this problem - Which is a shame, because it was one of the few really active threads..

So I boldly go where no theremin explorer has gone before, and am trying to bypass the "trouble in the ether" LOL ;-)

When the problem is fixed, perhaps the moderators can tack postings here onto the disabled thread and delete this one...

And hopefully I can log in as FredM ;-)


Over on the Plates, Shielding, Spread Spectrum, etc. thread, Dewster proposes a (IMO) clever capacitive solution that "overcomes" thermal issues -

I think that with this, or some variant thereof, a simple non-moving (no requirement for mechanics / compression or suchlike)  capacitive sensing pedal which achieves the objectives simply, could probably be implemented.


Posted: 4/22/2014 2:41:06 AM

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Hi Fred!! <3

Posted: 4/22/2014 3:00:19 AM

From: FredM - fred[at]fundes[dot] co{dot}uk

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Hello Amey ;-)

Nice to see you again in our pub .. What would you like to drink ?


ooops.. just seen the time (in Kuwait) ! - must go.. Have an appointment with the sand man, and he gets ratty if I keep im waiting too long... ;-)

(sometimes he even shows up here in the guise of that FredM geyser, and upsets people -- But I think weve managed to lock FredM out for a while - he was clocking up too many posts - so I hope he stays away and gives me a chance to catch him up!)

Schizophrenic? Nah! OCD, BP, Co-Dependent, Nomophobic, Theremanic (or should that be thereminic?), and mad as a hatter - but not Schizophrenic! ;-) (only joking about being Nomophobic - I rarely use the bloody thing! ;-)

While TW is having problems, PLEASE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS THREAD (or any) as this will stop anyone from adding to it.

Posted: 5/2/2014 11:55:15 PM

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This thread is now redundant!

Please do not post here – the original thread is back in action!

Please use the thread linked below! ->

 "Why did you not put the message in your silly-comedy post instead of bringing this back up from being half way down the list. Sometimes simple things just confuse me." - RS (the post below)

To Christopher (re message below)

.. Yes, you are right, that would have been the most sensible thing to do ... Just didnt think.. Apart from which Siliconica isnt able to log on now, so I was unable to edit the post as FredM. (if Siliconica was able to log on, I would have deleted these redundant posts)

I would like this entire thread deleted - I ONLY started it because TW was dysfunctional, so that an interesting discussion could continue - I never even posted anything on the subject, only linked to a useful posting by Dewster which I felt was a good addition to the discussion and shouldn't be left to languish and be missed or forgotten.

- However, your posting was a needless addition to expose my error, and  popped this thread up the list again! - But you often do this deliberately on threads of "yours" or other threads where you have said something irrelevant that people arent interested in or dont comment on, just to put them at the top of the list!

Does anyone really give a damn? Perhaps theres no real point in getting technical at TW, as some regulars here seem to resent this activity and do everything they can to disrupt it... For quite a while now, technical discussion has been the bulk of postings here.. I can understand some frustration from those who would prefer to debate other matters such as "feelings" and "intuitions" and "mystery" and "unusual stirrings" and would like to invade reasoned technical and scientific discussion with this pseudo science crap..

Its interesting that quite a number of former technical TW participants who had good or reasonable technical understanding and shared insights here at TW dont do this anymore - some now prefer private email exchanges with the ability to transfer technical files easily rather than the laborious process of creating cloud or other means to deposit this material, and posting discussion and links on TW where those who dont understand (and have no interest in understanding) choose to sabotage these discussions because they are envious or malicious.

Having a technical discussion at TW is becoming a bit like having a lab and kindergarten for disruptive children combined - it aint working... Moving the disruptive children out or getting them to behave isnt going to happen  - So a lot of the "lab work" and discussion is now moving away from TW to private communication and other closed (non public) forums.. The sad aspect of this is that really interested potential participants who dont find us will miss out.

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