Control voltages (CV's) and Synth stuff - possibly related to Theremini

Posted: 8/22/2014 1:33:25 PM

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I am not intending to spend any more time with this thread or the above schematics etc.. It seems likely now, from the measurements made by Rich that at least my hypothesis that 5 octaves output onto 0-5V from the theremini may give a tracking 1V/octave - these tests do not confirm other aspects of the hypothesis, but I suspect I have guessed right..

But to me it makes no difference if I have been right, or close. or missed by miles - IMO the results showed such abysmal linearity as to make the theremini unusable IMO, even before one factors latency.

I am torn between deleting the above schematics or leaving the there - I DONT want anyone to try building these, I have NO interest in helping anyone on ANY theremini related matter, or on the above schematics.

If I could edit the thread title, I would remove the word theremini and leave this thread for possible future CV discussion, but because its theremini related, for me, this thread serves no useful purpose.


Posted: 8/22/2014 4:02:19 PM

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the final 'i' was always out off my focus. many stuff can be found elsewhere on the intenet, regarding attenuators, reverse attenuators,etc. maybe write: don't do this or on your own risk. above your schems. and the whole thread file under the great theremin swindle" ..but cv bears potential, and some specific ew+ cv related things are still a kurisosity. but kuriosity kills the kat.

maybe a new diy page : make your etherwave plus a even bettterwave plus. i really don't know how many ew+ players use the gate/pitch/volume features. hands up?  but i guess that would drive you definitely out of your mind. or thierry out of bisniss. ;-)  therminicvoutput: get yourself a led, stick it in and o wonder o blink. see ya next time.

its all a mistry to me.

miaaous from the rooftop.

now go on press that delete button...

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