A Volume Only Theremin

Posted: 1/27/2015 1:01:17 AM

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I have yet to find anyone selling a “stand-alone” volume control for all those Pitch Only theremins out there. I prefer people to buy the Volume half from one of you. Chuck at Theremaniac has one he is developing. Currentlly I use PWM which works excellent but I would like to have a much simpler construction. What method of design digital, LC, etc do the bright minds out there suggest. Do you have a working drawing. At the least I will copy the Melodia or something. If you show me yours I might show you mine. (-:

As a side note the brightness in my sound can be an add-on to the EWS. With interest so low these days I don't have the motivation to put together a demonstration but is this interesting or what? Listen.mp3

The remote Volume Control I want must have a wide adjustable shading window, say 12”, down to snappy.


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She is single actually! But she won't be for long once I give her the theremin!! Ha!

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To answer your question:

In my opinion, PWM with a 555 and hand capacitance as part of the RC network hooked up to a transistor or a FET would be the easiest. 3 components (+ caps and resistors)

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I do like that sound byte! I used to play the violin and it kind of reminds me of the sound a violin makes. As for the volume control: As I was drawing up the circuit I realized that I was in fact wrong, the 555 would not work, at least not as I had imagined it. Sorry :S

I enjoy working on theremins so I'll give it some more thought. I'll let you know if I come up with something. P.S. I live in canada.

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