Touch it, Then it Makes Sense

Posted: 4/6/2015 1:57:46 PM

From: Kansas

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"People expect to go over to the theremin and IT PLAYS. No! It takes hard work, sensitivity, sensibility....attention to detail. You have to learn it and it's not easy. The music comes from the heart, the mind, and years and years and years of the study of music............The theremin is the most difficult of all musical instruments. It is much harder than the violin which I played for years".  Clara Rockmore


Thanks for this quote from Clara Rockmore.  Speaking to this point, I came across the following story, true or not I don't know, but it makes an excellent point.


An amateur pianist met 2 famous virtuoso pianists at a party.  When she saw their small hands she asked, "How in the world, gentlemen, do you play such beautiful music with such small hands?"   One of the pianists replied, "How in the world, madam, did you come up with the idea that we play the piano with our hands?"

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