Etherwave+ with Omnisphere - Perfect Together

Posted: 4/14/2015 2:51:32 AM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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This one's for you Gordon!

Etherwave & Omnisphere - Perfect Together

So the question came up about Omnisphere and since I just got my Etherwave Plus back from Moog I decided to have a bit of fun and hook up the CV gate and pitch outputs through my Doepfer modular CV-to-MIDI converter. Ran that through an iMIDIConnect4+ box through USB to get the MIDI interface recognized by the computer. Set that as the MIDI input to Cubase and set up a few channels of Omnisphere plugins using a few patches of the Textures library (mostly deep drones in this case but there are a lot of choices and now with Omnisphere 2 coming out, the sky is the limit).

Played a single theremin line that generated all of what you hear. Put Waves H-Delay on the Etherwave and ran the output mix through East West Spaces convolution reverb set to a 5.4 second delay using the Carlsbad Caverns virtual space patch.

This is just the tippity-tip-top of the Omnisphere iceberg. You can see why its used in movies for effects all over the place now. Can't wait until Omnisphere2 comes out at the end of the month.

I should say that there are not a lot of options to get that Etherwave CV converted to MIDI. Another option is to get a device that converts the audio output to MIDI, but I have not found them to be that reliable. This is where it would be nice for Moog to add MIDI note output to the Theremini for the "experimentalists" - hate that term (how about "forward looking thinkers" instead).

Of course you could just record Omnisphere tracks and overdub the theremin later which is a perfectly viable and more flexible option for a composer. But this was all done in one shot - the theremin CV out creates the Omnisphere background as I play. 

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