Korngold on theremin

Posted: 6/6/2015 2:03:38 AM

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Posted: 6/6/2015 4:30:02 PM

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Very interesting. I love the scores from "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and "The Sea Hawk", but I've never really looked at much of his music before he started writing film scores in the 1930s. 

This song is great for the theremin! I never would have guessed Korngold.

For those who don't know his music, compare to this:

Adventures of Robin Hood

There would be no John Williams sound without Korngold.

Posted: 6/7/2015 12:59:36 AM

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Very sweet!   Thanks for posting.  

Can you share some informtation about the theremin you are playing?

Posted: 6/7/2015 2:05:40 AM

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Thanks! That's the Hobbs theremin! Love it!

Posted: 6/7/2015 2:12:32 AM

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