I missed Theremin World's 20th Anniversary!

Posted: 10/5/2015 3:47:00 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

Joined: 2/13/2005

Folks, I'm embarrassed to say that I missed our 20th anniversary!  While updating some pages last night, I re-read our About page and noticed that I originally started the site back in 1995.  Back then, I was an electrical engineering student at Vanderbilt University.  I was working in robotics at the time and had been collecting theremin schematics.  The site began as "The Theremin Home Page" running from my student account.

20 years goes by incredibly quickly.  Along the way, I've met some amazing people and have had some incredible experiences.  Even though we've been going for 2 decades, I still feel like this is just the beginning on my theremin journey.  

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all the support and participation of the theremin community.  You're all incredibly interesting people (obviously... you like the theremin!), and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you.

Here's to 20 more (at least)!

Posted: 10/5/2015 5:42:47 PM
randy george

From: Los Angeles, California

Joined: 2/5/2006

Congrats, Jason and Thereminworld!!  This place has been really great to us. And most of us haven't even been here half as long as it's been around. I have a feeling the next wave is coming soon.

[ Holding a glass in one had, the other next to the antenna ] To 20!!

Posted: 10/5/2015 11:12:44 PM

From: Scotland

Joined: 9/27/2012

20 years?


Well a most (belated) happy birthday to TW: may ye have many more!



Posted: 10/6/2015 4:10:46 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

Joined: 2/13/2005

Dug up this old SOS article that mentioned our original incarnation, "The Theremin Home Page"


Reproducing Theremin Sounds Using a Synthesizer (SOS, 1999)




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