Posted: 3/15/2016 8:17:37 PM

From: Russia, The city of three revolutions

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Dear community, what are you thinking about this nice IC?


THAT 2181 Series integrated-circuit voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) are very high performance current-in/current-out devices with two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports. They offer wide-range exponential control of gain and attenuation with low signal distortion. The parts are selected after packaging based primarily on after-trim THD and control-voltage feedthrough performance. 

Cost - $10 at

FEATURES • Wide Dynamic Range: >120 dB • Wide Gain Range: >130 dB • Exponential (dB) Gain Control • Low Distortion: ~ 0.0025 % (typical 2181A) ~ 0.005 % (typical 2181C) • Wide Gain-Bandwidth: 20 MHz • Dual Gain-Control Ports (pos/neg) • Pin-Compatible with 2150-Series


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