Measuring Theremin Conductance

Posted: 5/31/2016 9:46:08 PM

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TW Needs Conversations

After re-visiting this excellent antenna tuning thread it brings to mind earth ground and theremin enclosure paint conductance. The ill affect of any of the three can destroy a theremin’s ability to have a good performance.

For personal use I would like to make a gadget to measure the conductivity of earth ground and enclosure paint. It seems to me that the dual oscillators of theremin design are sensitive to these things so use their behavior to indicate quality by observing the frequency shift.  Anyone?

A Thereminist has enough to be concerned about that such a gadget could give them a heads up, especially when performing in unfamiliar environments.

At my water heater I have a grounded wall plug and the water pipes are copper from under the earth. I measured the resistance between the two to be less than one ohm so they must be physically connected together somewhere besides the minerals in soil resistance.

Alesandro are you and Valerie S the same person?


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