RCA Theremin Search in Texas

Posted: 6/7/2016 6:02:11 PM

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I need your Help!

According to the ‪#‎RCA‬ Theremin registry there is a private owner in Lewisville, Texas of a RCA ‪#‎Theremin‬ " that is affectionately named "Unkl Claude". If anybody know who this owner is, I would love to contact them to ask for permission to inspect this historic instrument. I am working on upgrading the Theremin I built over 20 years ago and the insight gained by a close inspection would be invaluable.

Posted: 6/7/2016 6:51:36 PM

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Hello Texas,

The audience here is very small these days, odds are the owner or friends do not follow us.

The schematic to the RCA is around here with info from others that have built her.

I am not qualified on an ancient RCA but as a kid in the 1950’s I did swim in the Red River and got my first peek on a really humid day in a cornfield outside of Wichita Falls. I think they call it Lake Arrowhead area today. wink

If you lived way up north I could see it might be the warmth of the vacuum tubes that attracts you to the RCA design or is it the hope of achieving the authentic sound of the original inventor. I can verify one thing; he did not tell RCA everything.

This theremin you built, can you share anymore info on that.

I have a project that I started that I will share the results openly in the next few months of how I do it. I started calling it “Switched on Clara” .wav for various reasons. At the end of the sound I do switch her on. Listen to this sound byte from an EtherWave Standard, if you do not hear it then I will remain quiet.


Edit: I forgot to ask, after your drought how are the intense rains in your area. We could use a "little" here.

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