Italian "lysergic"/electropop-ish song featuring the Theremin

Posted: 12/4/2016 5:43:09 PM

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Hello everybody, laughing

I'm new here and I'd like to introduce myself. I am an Italian independent electronic music composer (just as a hobby) and also a long time Theremin enthusiast (...but that was too obvious, right?).

I like to compose, play and sing strange, uncommon and amusing songs. The resulting musical genre is someting close to the classic 'electro-pop' definition, but I absolutely don't try to forcedly adhere to a specific genre; I just try to make something nice and fun, while having lot of fun!

One of my favourite songs, composed long time ago but only published right now, is called "Med I/O Evo" (a worldplay mixing "Middle Ages" and "Input/Output"). I would like to share it with you, because in this piece I play the Theremin in some parts; it's not strictly a Theremin-centred tune, but its sound stands out at least as much as the voicals.

I'm not a perfect player, even considering that the parts played in this song are quite simple, however I totally love the characteristic unusual/out-of-this-world/sci-fi-like touch that the instrument added to the tune: it wasn't planned from the beginning and it definitely made the real atmosphere for the piece.

The song is in Italian language, but I also provided English translated subtitles; by the way, in this particular occasion the music is far more important than the lyrics.

Here is the YouTube link and at the end of this post you will find the embed video.

Music and videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: .

That means that you are encouraged to share it and re-use it as much as possible!

I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback from you will be sincerily appreciated!

All the best,

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