OK, Semi finals over--Vote now for Collective Noun final!

Posted: 2/20/2017 10:45:54 PM

From: Brooklyn

Joined: 8/15/2009

OK, now vote, damn it!
Thanks to Dean Rohs for the folowing:
Since the dawn of man Thereminists have pondered the wondrous and terrifying prospect of a multitude of theremins. Joined together, playing in unison in a harmonious, melodic and spiritual event. Whose perfect intonations and soothing vibratos could calm the ravaged and make the angels smile. :)
Well, that ain't NEVER gunna happen! But if it DID we would certainly need a name for it. And after much deliberation, collaboration, cooperation and a couple other ations, our voters have chiseled away at a sizable list of nominees to arrive at the Sublime Seven. I know, I said we would have a Top Ten. But voter participation was down this year due to candidate mud slinging, conspiracy theories and YouTube propaganda videos.
So I now present to you... Theremaniacs, LevNetizens and the Theremin Worldly the question that is burning in your minds and will forever "reshape our understanding of the theremin as we know it.
Drum roll please.....
"What is the proper term one would use when referring to a GROUP of Theremins?"
Voting may commence at this link.

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