Theremini calibration problem

Posted: 12/29/2017 7:49:47 PM

Joined: 12/29/2017

I just got a used Moog Theremini, and I'm having a problem calibrating it. I could get it to calibrate correctly a few times before this, but now it's having a problem.

Even though I place my hand at my chest when prompted to calibrate the farthest note, when I try to play, the theremini registers the lowest note at about halfway in between my body and the antenna (about 7-8 inches from the antenna). Any closer to my body and it mutes.

I tried changing the "Mute when pitch hand is far away" setting, but that actually makes the pitch go up the farther I move my hand back from that halfway point. I also tried changing the scale range, but that only changes the range within the same space.

Thank you for your help!


Posted: 12/30/2017 4:59:39 PM

Joined: 6/11/2017

what if you try to reset it and recalibrate it?

Posted: 1/1/2018 8:05:27 PM

Joined: 12/29/2017

That seemed to work! Thank you!

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