Theremin scene in German Netflix series, Babylon Berlin

Posted: 9/12/2018 4:17:51 AM

From: MIdwest

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A quick scene of a thereminist playing with a violinist in the first episode of the first season this crime noir series that takes place near the end of the Weimar Republic era. Enjoyable show but not for kids. Not porn but certainly R rated.

Posted: 11/9/2023 7:06:00 AM

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Can you actually make money from watching Netflix?

Posted: 11/9/2023 7:20:17 AM

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Oh, that scene sounds intriguing! Mixing a thereminist and a violinist in a crime noir series set in the Weimar Republic era must be a unique experience. Thanks for the heads-up on the content rating too. Speaking of which, have you ever thought about earning a little extra cash while watching shows like this? There are some cool ways and articles on how to get paid to watch Netflix and make extra money. Just a thought! Enjoy your series!

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