Need recommendations on simple/cheap theremin circuits

Posted: 12/24/2018 9:42:21 PM

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Hello, I'm new at this forum and to theremins in general. However I'm not new to electronics at all, as I've built some guitar effect before. I want to get started on theremin stuff, and was looking for some simple or cheap theremin circuits to build, so if you know some, let me know!

Posted: 12/24/2018 9:48:11 PM

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Maybe start with Thierry's pitch-only circuit:

Posted: 12/25/2018 8:32:08 AM

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I would recommend Paradox - simple enough design with good sound.
Easy to tune.

Posted: 12/25/2018 5:26:36 PM

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I would recommend Paradox - simple enough design with good sound.Easy to tune.

I didn't know this one. It look very interesting.

Posted: 12/27/2018 3:50:23 AM

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Thanks guys. I'll be trying dewster's suggestion, the thierrymin, since the Paradox is way too complicated for starters did you look at the full schematic? god damn that's big

Posted: 12/27/2018 8:28:58 PM

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A good start may be the Nanomin by David Duncan. With Schematic, PCB and notes download here:

This is based on an early Harrison model 144. With both pitch and volume control units.

Posted: 12/28/2018 2:14:03 AM

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Hello fuzzfactory,

When it comes to theremin’s I am never very clear on what simple or cheap means. I will chime in on the other good ideas that have been suggested. The theremin is a simple device that does something very beautiful.

I am sending my theremin build to Russia to get a professional opinion in a week or so, if bad I will throw in the towel as the fun was in the journey that I was invited upon in 2003.

My design is done in a modular fashion so sections can be easily improved upon. The image below is the first module which has evolved to be much better than what you see in this build. This alone can give you thermal drift free performance with a perfectly linear pitch field which is the main aspect that makes a theremin playable. For about $30

If happy with your build you can expand in the future to achieve one of the finest analog theremin builds ever conceived, a sound and performance Clara Rockmore might have enjoyed. You will have a full range of analog sound. This sample has the buzzy low end and intimate upper range similar to the old RCA.

The two people on my naughty list for this week will not be able to view my research. All I have ever said is have a sound sample to separate knowledge from misleading gibberish. Be nice!

I will post most knowledge on this new under construction webpage over the next few weeks as I get feedback.

My student friend Peter N in Slovenia is drawing my final schematic so others might understand what is possible.


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