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Posted: 2/6/2019 8:22:29 PM

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I am interested in making effects, so that I can control it by foot.
I have Ableton Live and there are indeed a lot of wonderful effects. However, I am thinking to get some hardware effects that are used with electric guitar, so that I can apply them by pressing knobs by foot.
I am interested in one effect hardware that has 3 types of effects:


And the important is that I can layer them (to say, apply them at once).
If possible to recommend anything available here: https://www.thomann.de/gb/guitar_and_bass_effects.html
Budget: modest.

Posted: 2/7/2019 7:17:21 AM

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You could go for a multi-effect pedal like the affordable Zoom g3n. Multi effects (according to tests) seems to have pretty decent time effects (reverb, delay) and modulation effects (chorus, phaser, flanger). The amp simulation effects (who needs those?) and  tone shifting effects (octaver, harmonizer) are of less quality. 

You also can choose to go for single stompboxes and build your pedalboard slowly. Look for a good reverb stompbox, find your ideal settings  and when you are used to it, get a delay en   later a harmonizer.

Posted: 2/7/2019 11:32:23 AM

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I see, so you recommend separate devices instead of one single?
I have never used such devices therefore I am a bit confused.

Posted: 2/7/2019 2:57:43 PM

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I use a Behringer FX450K keyboard amp. This amp has a 100 effect presets build in. I use a spring verb preset. This gives my etherwave(EW) a nice sound. I do not use other effects.
EW -> Behringer
When I want to use more effects I ply my etherwave with a Focusrite audio  interface through a pc with guitarix and Calf Effects installed.
EW -> Focusrite -> PC with effects -> focusrite -> Behringer

The effects in the Behringer are useable. I like the reverbs, delay and chorus. I do not like the pitch effects. And I can only use one preset at the time. So that is the spring reverb.
I do not want to use the pc for my EW but I will use some extra effects. Then I have the choice between adding a multi-effect pedal or several stompboxes. I choose for stompboxes because I do not need many effects and multi-effect pedals can be very complicated and difficult to work with. 

Posted: 2/7/2019 9:06:27 PM

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I see. I want to avoid the computer as well, because of the stage playing. I want just to give an instruction to the performer to click on a certain pedal at given time – and that's it.

However, Ableton Live (Suite-version) has absolutely astonishing effects. It is almost unlimited what you can do it with that software when we talk about signal processing. Beside the standard effects that you can find in an audio software, Live has implemented Max almost in its core, and there is a huge library of plugins available. You can even make your own audio processing plugin, or to find someone to do what you need...
This will be a solution if I don't find proper pedals for the coming concert, but anyway I enjoy Live very much.

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