Kentucky Route Zero

Posted: 2/8/2019 8:00:18 PM

From: Copenhagen

Joined: 12/29/2018

Have anyone played Kentucky Route Zero? It is this very artful and interesting game, about people lost in the underground cave networks of Mammoth Cave National Park. It is inspired a lot by theatre, which leads between others to it being divided in acts.

In the fourth act (and possibly the yet-to-be-published fifth), one character is a thereminist! She is called Clara and is from Lithuania (like another evident Lithuanian theremist-playing Clara). In one scene, she gives a concert from the bridge of a tugboat. Her music mixes “abstract” tunes played on what looks like an Etherwave, with field recordings from the Echo river captured on tape.

The musician for the game, Ben Babbitt, got started with the theremin for the needs of that scene. The scene looks like this. You can also listen to a copy of the soundtrack version (track “Music for Rivers”).

The theremin also appears in a earlier scene where another character, Shannon, is trying it out in Clara’s cabin on the boat:

It is a great game otherwise, one of my favourite cultural works all mediums included, I highly recommend it.

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