Not using a dedicated amp

Posted: 2/8/2019 8:39:57 PM

From: Copenhagen

Joined: 12/29/2018

Sorry in advance if this is very bad

Since I’m mostly going to be playing with headphones and that playing the theremin is going to only be a side activity for me, I don’t feel like buying one of these keyboard amps that seem very nice, but are also quite of an object for have in a small flat when not used daily and not used for anything else than the theremin.

For now I tried with computer speakers, bluetooth speakers with an in-jack, home Hi-Fi amps, home stereo systems, and well, the theremin seems to work well enough on most of them, even if it’s not optimal, I don’t know.

All of these were borrowed, so I’m starting to look into having my own little speaker set for home. I will play music on it, listen to radio on it, cast my computer to it, and well, plug the theremin on it. Is it an ok idea?

I’m looking at things like the Revo SuperSystem, this Yahama box, things like that. They have Class-D amps ranging from 15 to 80 watts, nice speakers, in-jacks, so it seems like they could fit the theremin. Can they?

Anything I should look specifically in systems like these? I’m not familiar with impedance for instance, can I run into any issue with that? What watts would be the minimum for the theremin (the use being playing at home, not on stage)? Is there any risk, like burning the system because it was to low-spec for the theremin needs?


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