L’exécution, Angelo Badalamenti

Posted: 2/8/2019 8:58:27 PM

From: Copenhagen

Joined: 12/29/2018

There is this tune that I like a lot, from a film that I like a lot too. L’exécution, by Angelo Badalamenti, from the soundtrack of the City of Lost Children. Originally played on a street barrel organ (at least on-screen, the actual track might have been played with something else), I think it might be a good fit for the theremin?

(Though I’m a complete beginner to see what can or can’t be played… but the one-note-a-time melody, the relatively long notes, the little loops of turning around between little series of notes, the high pitch, the general atmosphere, it seems like it is something the theremin can do well!)

I started trying a little bit since I’m already familiar enough with the tune on a keyboard not to have to think too much about which notes to play, and I feel like I can get somewhere with it. So it is my first project with the theremin, along doing exercises, being able to play this track!

No idea if there is any music sheet anywhere for it, I can try to look for it or see if I have a printed version to scan.

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