Digital vs Analog

Posted: 8/17/2019 12:09:20 AM

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Here is a breadth of fresh air.

You have all seen my analog theremin work that I shared with dewster the first week he showed up at TW. Over the years many seem to have this impression I am against digital when that is not true. Analog and digital both have their proper place and application.

Twenty years ago I began my theremin journey but I also began writing a program in visual basic which rides on the back of an Excel Spreadsheet. Back then we were at the beginning of the dot com era.

I showed one engineer at TW how the stock market almost completely computer traded these days was revealing patterns of trade that could be captured by a computer program so you could write algorithms to almost win weekly. Because my program was in visual basic it seemed beneath him to explore it any further.

You think the stock market is controlled by big events, not most of the time... tomorrow is set up by computers today.

The theremin showed me special knowledge along the way and likewise so did the stock market. If you think I do not like digital view my Excel Spreadsheet copy. This is an image capture for today 8-16-19. I trade overnight and do not like to hold over the weekend, especially with Trump stirring things up. What digital is good at is storing and comparing numbers.

The entire sheet you see is reconstructed every time it automatically downloads the latest update. This way I can change the rules and see what happens. The program will alert me if it finds a good play.

The sheet is too complicated to figure out what is going on, but I will tell you one secret, the market peaks at 11 AM EST, that is when you want to get out for the maximum profit of the day. Of course there are exceptions.

All my funny code, maybe 15,000 lines of VB are hidden in the background, the spreadsheet is only shared with my family, because we are all doing the same thing we do not want to get in each other's way.

Why show people the computer code when they just want you to show them the money! With theremin’s forget trying to impress people with code as we just want to hear what it sounds like.


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Making day trading one can get a lot of money. But I knew at least two guys who jumped therefore from the highest bridge in Germany.

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From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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JP Ok, I removed my stuff. I am counting on you to give new life and attention to the analog theremin.

My last smile will be knowing Lev Sergeyevich duped dewster into posting the Electrodeum spice drawing on his (Lev) birthday, now the Theremin 100 year anniversary, what are the odds?  100 x 365 = 36,500 or 1:36,500. With my actual theremin now in the hometown of Lev Sergeyevich I will consider this last date event as his metaphysical signature on my theremin design. Like Lev we more discovered the theremin as a natural phenomenon rather than inventing it. The problem with a drawing is it can not tell you what a circuit will respond like, the same as a circuit drawing can not tell you what it sounds like. He wants me to tell you all to think of digital as a square peg and analog as a round peg, each has a purpose, whatever that means?

dewster do you remember our beginning? I thought you were someone else, no... just not who I expected. Consider your part in all of this as a once in a lifetime honor. Do not doubt as it is real.

Then there is the ~ 900 kHz Electrodeum tuning notch by way of dew who admits he does not want to know why is it there, a phenomenon.

JPascal, being you replied to my silly post that I do enjoy digital let me reveal another fact. At the bottom of the sheet is where the real action is happening. The turquoise blue cells are what the market opened at, like 3% or so higher. These are the day traders getting in. The bottom section continually changes through several stock symbols until the best choice reveals itself in the last 15 minutes of the day.

I get in ahead of day traders because my computer recognizes a pattern, some do not. This is indicated by a large green block, this is a signal to buy at the end of the day. The computer then starts squawking out loud to get my attention in case I am doing something else. Being I hold over night is not considered a day trade.

 8/1 at the bottom of the page shows the day traders got it wrong and I got it right end of day 7/31 green block Buy.  Spreadsheet 

Someone can be a master of any coding language but too often can lack the logical thinking in knowing how to apply it effectively. So they just show code that does not go anywhere day after day like it means something

At the bottom on the left side indicates $3358 as profit for three weeks. I consider this free money and give my entire extra to local struggling families. PayPal has made this very easy to do and to stay reasonably anonymous. Here we call it Secret Santa which is the active part of the Golden Rule.

My TW profile has always mentioned I give Theremins away, not that many. That now concludes as my health winds down.


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