Etherwave Signature with Mystery Mods

Posted: 11/13/2019 3:19:32 AM

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I just bought a used Moog Etherwave Signature which came in not functioning.   I checked the power supply, amp, cable, all good.  Took off the top and it has a little breadboard mod and also has some of the PCB runs slashed.  I checked internal DC power which was normal.  I tried swinging the L11 knob while checking pin 12, which was a steady -12v.   I saw a Thierry post about that in his intro to the forum which I haven't checked with an oscilloscope yet. 


What do you think about the mods? Does this look like something people do or do you think someone broke it and then traded it in to a guitar center, or is it more likely that it broke in the mail ( it was packed terribly). Thanks! 

Posted: 11/13/2019 3:52:03 AM

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The Big Briar I worked on had power trace PCB runs slashed, probably from the factory.  The PCB traces themselves were kind of puffy and weird looking.

That vector board job looks non-factory to me, but I'm no expert on that.  Maybe a mixer mod of some sort?

My pix here: [LINK]

Good luck!

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