Just built OpenTheramin v3.. No sound

Posted: 6/14/2020 2:38:33 PM

Joined: 6/14/2020

Hi there.. I just built the Opentheramin v3 from scratch (soldered all components individually) and checked my work, it all appears good.

The LEDs come on and behave as they should while I calibrate it.

I can calibarate it, I hear the calibration sound when it starts and ends, but nothing else afterwards.

That is the antenneas (long wires for now) do not seem to pick up anything nor do I hear anything..

PS: I have an oscilloscope..

its calibration looks like this:


Arudino Freq: 15977769.00

Pitch Set Frequency: 499995

Frequency tuning range: 0 to 0


Volume Set Frequency: 460706

Frequency tuning range: 560165 to 562319

DAC value L: 0 Freq L: 99437

DAC value H: 4095 Freq H: 101612

DAC value L: 4095 Freq L: 101571

DAC value H: 9393 Freq H: 99981

DAC value L: 9393 Freq L: 100001

DAC value H: 14857 Freq H: 100604

DAC value L: 14857 Freq L: 100585

DAC value H: 20752 Freq H: 99590

DAC value L: 20752 Freq L: 99621

DAC value H: 20961 Freq H: 99734

DAC value L: 20961 Freq L: 99725

DAC value H: -32430 Freq H: 99672

DAC value L: -32430 Freq L: 99658

DAC value H: 974 Freq H: 99971

DAC value L: 974 Freq L: 99968

DAC value H: 15280 Freq H: 100811

DAC value L: 15280 Freq L: 100766

DAC value H: 8419 Freq H: 99582

DAC value L: 8419 Freq L: 99607

DAC value H: 21189 Freq H: 99854

DAC value L: 21189 Freq L: 99837

DAC value H: -29495 Freq H: 100950

DAC value L: -29495 Freq L: 100903

DAC value H: -327 Freq H: 101184

DAC value L: -327 Freq L: 101145

DAC value H: -2846 Freq H: 100030

DAC value L: -2846 Freq L: 100066

DAC value H: -32225 Freq H: 99756

DAC value L: -32225 Freq L: 99743

DAC value H: -22377 Freq H: 100491

DAC value L: -22377 Freq L: 100451

DAC value H: 30838 Freq H: 100450


Any ideas what could be wrong?

Many thanks, -t

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