First build, Open V3 with Uno - Trouble calibrating - HELP

Posted: 1/16/2021 6:08:31 PM

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Hi all,

I'm extremely new to this (read: clueless), and recently put together a Gaudi Arduino shield. I was able to upload the v3 code through the desktop IDE, and the red LED is on, but I get absolutely nothing when I try to calibrate. The yellow LED has never turned on, and when I hold the function button I get no sound, or the occasional brief and very faint sound from my speaker that sounds like static or popping. When I try to use the serial monitor, it remains blank. I'm not sure what the fix is, and I'm hoping someone has some insight on what I may have done wrong, or what I should check.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: I have a grounding wire attached to my PC, the Uno is powered via USB currently, and I have attached a small sound bar via the audio jack

Posted: 1/16/2021 10:34:55 PM

From: Colmar, France

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Most probably, there is à soldering error around or with the button itself. Check with a multimeter at the corresponding interrupt pin 6 of your Arduino if it has 5V with no button pressed and 0V with the button pressed.
It makes no sense to expect audio before you haven’t thoroughly checked the digital part of the device.

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