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Posted: 5/9/2021 5:37:14 PM

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must say that in the 90s in my teens there was a resurgence of Theremin played in some of the music I liked at the time. 
Portishead, Goldfrapp and such like
i also knew about it been on the beach boys and various si-fi programs like Dr who and star treck

I also became interested in electronics and building pcb kits in my youth and have built all sorts of kits as well as  a few fuel injection ECUs- guess it was on my bucket list to have a go at build a theremin even though i had never seen one in the flesh.

i was looking at creating one many years ago  from a circuit diagram but at that time i had no oscilloscope to be able to tune it. must admit i would class myself more as an engineer than a musician.

I was gifted a Open Theremin v3 pcb and it was a pealing with the concepts of been able to make your own wave tables for timbre 

just finished building it including soldering all the smd/smt chips,caps and it is up and  working though I'm still to make a proper housing and make it look pretty.

I have been looking at the output timbre forms with interest on my scope and was going to see if i could come up with some of my own even

seems like here is the place to fined everything Theremin so thought i would say hi


Posted: 5/10/2021 12:06:49 AM

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Hi Barry from across the North Sea (NL) and welcome to TW!

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